UAE Businesses Feel Guilty for Slashing Remote Work

UAE remote work
Photo by Microsoft 365 on Unsplash

According to a recent LinkedIn study targeting UAE businesses, which surveyed 2,900+ C-level executives from major corporations around the world, advancement in key aspects of working life, such as skill development, employee well-being, and flexible work, is being slowed down by the current state of the world economy.

Although employees frequently bear the brunt of the effects, the survey found a “gap” between corporate policy and employee choices. According to LinkedIn’s statistics, firm executives who “have been pushed” to make judgments in these areas have also suffered.

At least 35% of UAE executives have acknowledged feeling guilty about their choices, with 36% of them even claiming to be suffering from impostor syndrome as their most prized assets, their employees, take a blow.

While over three-quarters of this particular group of executives are worried that the current economic uncertainty could “push back” the improvement on flexibility made as leaders bring employees back to the office, 77 percent of executives believe that flexible working conditions will continue for the next five years.

“While difficult decisions undoubtedly have to be made – it’s important to remember that people are a company’s most valuable asset, and protecting their well-being is vital to getting through this time. Employers that invest in their people during these times will be the ones that come out stronger.”Ali Matar, Head of LinkedIn, MENA

As a result, the management will prioritize financial preparedness over the next six months to tide over economic uncertainty and save costs (51%). 44 percent of executives plan on reducing remote and flexible working roles, while 29 percent intend to cut investments in financial support and professional development programs for staff.

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