Two Sigma Ventures Backs Up 4 Portfolio Companies To Stay Remote

Two Sigma Ventures remote work

Two Sigma Ventures (TSV) supports its 60 portfolio companies to make a long-term investment to stay remote. Two Sigma Investments’ chief technology officer Jeff Wecker, of which TSV is part, is pushing hybrid models to make the transition to work from home permanently. The financial firm is now helping its affiliates layout the perks for remote employees offering VR headsets and a $10,000 budget to improve their home offices.  

Four Portfolio Companies Going Remote With Two Sigma Vestures

Enigma is promoting a hybrid model. With the headquarter in New York, the company allows employees to work from anywhere with pop-up ‘Enigma Haus’ rentals. 

Replicated left its Los Angeles offices in 2020 to become a fully remote company. The company offers to each employee a monthly reimbursement plan of $ 10,000 per year. This extra includes everything to improve the home office. It breaks out to $833 per month. 

Flatfile is a dispersed company since 2018. Flatfile offers up to $ 10,000 for home office improvements. Employees can even team up with an interior designer to create a personalized home office space. Further, the software company allows a special rent stipend to cover the cost of an additional 150 square feet for renting a working space. 

Finally, Remote has a fully distributed workforce from the start. Promoting the benefits of remote work, the tech firm is collaborating with Two Sigma Venture to improve work from home models. After the pandemic, the company gave Oculus Quest headsets and collaboration tools to implement VR meetings. 

The future of the workforce is going remote. So, companies aren’t only transitioning but preparing their employees to have the best work environment at home.

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