Turkey’s Planned Remote Work Options For Women Backfire

city in turkey

The Turkish minister of family and social affairs in a social media post said her ministry was working on new regulations.

Their plan to allow more remote and hybrid work options for women generated controversy among women’s rights activists. 

Minister Mahinur Özdemir Göktaş said they were working on more flexible employment models and daycare options for women.

However, activists said such a move could result in women having to assume most care-giving duties. 

The main concern is that in such a conservative society, these regulations would segregate women even more from social life.

It´s important to point out that in Turkey, women are already undertaking most of the domestic work and care duties.

Activists and social media users said the government should work on regulations to ensure gender equality instead.

According to the 2022 Gender Gap Index of the World Economic Forum, Turkey ranks 124th among 146 countries in gender equality.

They also rank 101st in educational attainment for women, 112nd in their political empowerment, and 134th in economic participation and opportunity. 

According to recent data on participation in labor markets, Turkish women’s labor force participation rate is 35%. Furthermore, the gender wage gap is 15 percent.


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