Toyota Adopts Remote Work Model

Remote work model Toyota car
Photo by Christina Telep on Unsplash

Japanese Automobile giant Toyota Motor Corporation will allow its staff to work remotely.

Toyota decided to adopt a remote work model as the organization believes that this new way of working will help its employees to balance their professional and personal life. Eligible employees can choose to work anywhere in the country after the new remote work model commences in August.

This change will be great for those employees who work away from their families. It is also a relief for most employers and employees as across the globe because remote work is now seen as a great way to maintain a good work-life balance and also helps companies cut costs.

Toyota has an upper limit cap on commuting allowances at the moment. After the new remote work model is rolled out, the company will remove this limit. Toyota Motor Corporation will cover all costs of commuting for employees from their homes to their offices.

This move by Toyota is also expected to influence other auto giants to make more relaxations for their employees. As remote work continues to gain momentum across countries and industries, it will be interesting to know how it fares in the long run for an industry like automobiles that relies heavily on manufacturing.

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