Toronto: For 1 In 3 Companies Remote Work Is The Future

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Commissioned by Express Employment Professionals, a survey by The Harris Poll found 1 in 3 Canadian leaders (31%) believe remote work is the future. Following the 2020 pandemic, Canada records a 59% increase of regular remote workers, compared to the 40% in 2019.

The online survey interviewed 506 Canadian hiring decision-makers between November and December 2020. Remote work is more common due to the global pandemic, although some companies eventually predict to return to a physical workplace. Among companies forced to a remote swift, 13% say that most employees have already returned to their office. 62% think to return by the end of the year.

Some leaders pointing out that some job positions aren’t feasible for remote work. However, most companies will keep a remote or hybrid arrangement after the COVID-19 crisis. Besides, the global shift to remote work is changing workplace policy. The survey highlights 1 in 3 companies (32%) increasing their flexibility for sick days policy. The 37% of leaders confirm that leaving employees working from home when sick is a permanent impact of the pandemic. 

From the survey’s interviews come up a preference for a hybrid solution combining on-site and remote work. As Jessica Culo, an Express franchise owner in Edmonton (Alberta), points out: “We are looking at giving some employees the option to work either 20%, 40%, or 60% of their week remotely.”

Although a return to a physical workplace is necessary for some companies, remote strategies are transforming companies’ policy. From more flexibility for sick days and working hours, remote work will be the future for most employees.

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