Survey: Top Jobs For Remote Work in 2023

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Remote work is more common now than ever, with over 10% of civilian workers working remotely in 2022. Tovuti LMS reviewed data from the 2022 Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Requirements Survey, which analyzed almost 43,000 businesses, to explore which jobs offer the most remote work opportunities. The questions included asking what percentage of workers could telework in which positions.

These are the top 10 jobs with the highest rates of remote work: 

  1. Web Developers (78.2%)
  2. Sales Representatives (74.8%)
  3. Software quality assurance analysts and testers (74.4%)
  4. Market research analysts and marketing specialists (65.7%)
  5. Architectural and civil drafters (64.7%)
  6. Management analysts (63.1%)
  7. Software developers (62.4%)
  8. Lawyers (61.4%)
  9. Computer and information systems managers (61.2%)
  10. Project management specialists (60.5%)

Remote work usually results in more productivity. An Upwork study found 61% of employees reported increased productivity by the end of 2020. Beyond productivity, employees report greater satisfaction with their remote work. That’s partly due to improved work-life balance.

Flexibility, paired with remote employees no longer having to devote hours to commuting, makes telework very attractive!


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