These European Countries Have The Highest Percentage Of Remote Ads

Indeed analyzed new data of job postings in 13 European countries, including the largest economies.

Of the countries examined by the hiring platform, Poland featured the highest proportion of remote ads with 21.6%.

Poland was followed by Spain (18.7%), Austria (18.1%) and the UK (16.1%).

Ireland is also among the leaders when it comes to posts offering some form of remote or hybrid work.

As of the end of January of this year, a total of 15.4% of Irish job postings contained one or both terms.

The country ranked ahead of Germany (14.9%), Switzerland (10.5%), and France (9.6%).

Many large companies want to reduce remote working arrangements. However, the proportion of job postings offering such flexibility has remained strong across most job categories.

The postings analyzed include both permanent and temporary remote jobs.

As of the end of January 2024, Spain has the highest share of remote or hybrid postings among the six largest European economies.

Italy has the lowest at 8.6%, slightly down from a 2021 peak of 10%.

The research shows the proportion of searches for remote work is at historically high levels in most countries

This shows the sustained jobseeker interest in the remote work world.


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