These Are The States With The Most Remote Workers

employee working remotely from home

A new survey shows some U.S. states are more flexible about remote work than others.

Research found Colorado has the highest percentage of remote workers, with 37.3% of people working from home at least one-to-two days per week.

It is closely followed by Maryland (37%), Massachusetts (36.4%), Utah (36%), and Washington state (34.8%).

These states round out the top remote-work hotspots, according to data from SelectSoftware Reviews.

The places with the most knowledge-based jobs are more likely to have large numbers of people working remotely.

That´s why states that are more well-known for IT, finance, and analytics are likely to see a higher proportion of remote work.

Maryland (37%) and Virginia (32.1%) are high on the list due to knowledge-work jobs related to federal contracts.

High-tech employees, such as IT workers and computer programmers, were among the first to adopt remote work easily, but the list is expanding.

The states with the lowest percentage of teleworkers are Mississippi (11.9%), Louisiana (13.68%), Wyoming (15.51%), Arkansas (15.56%) and North Dakota (15.92%).

Surprisingly, the survey shows that 63% percent of U.S. workers never work remotely.


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