(VIDEO) Debts & Lessons Week Day 2: Thanks to Molood Ceccarelli

Luis sips coffee while chatting about debts & lessons with Molood Ceccarelli

On Virtual Coffee Chat with Luis, it is day 2 of Debts & Lessons. Luis talks about Molood Ceccarelli, the founder of Remote Forever.

Molood is a remote work strategist and a remote agile coach. In this video, Luis talks about how she has influenced his thinking in making sure and being relentless about looking at everything that we’re doing in remote work with new eyes. Luis admires Molood’s ability to question the status quo. In the video, Luis gives some examples of how he has learnt to look at many things differently after his interactions with Molood. While it’s okay to see what has worked in the past, in new situations it is also vital to bring in some changes. In order to grow, it’s important to evolve through the journey. Watch this video to know more.

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Luis: Today is Debts and Lessons Week Day Two, where I thank and promote someone who has helped me fashion my knowledge about remote work and my style of remote work leadership. This is the Virtual Coffee Chat with Luis, ouch, it’s hot, for Think Remote.

So Debts and Lessons Week, Day Two. Who am I going to thank today who has influenced my thinking about remote work the most over the last couple of weeks? Well, day two is dedicated to Molood Ceccarelli. I hope I said that right. Sorry if I butchered it. But anyway, Molood is the founder and owner of Remote Forever, at remoteforever.com, and is behind the organization of the world’s first fully web-based agile remote summits, the Remote Forever Summit. She’s a remote work strategist and a remote agile coach. The way that Molood has influenced my thinking the most is really in making sure and being relentless about looking at everything that we’re doing in remote work with new eyes. Let me explain a bit about that.

The thing that Molood is really good at is at questioning the status quo and giving us new different perspectives on things. For example, I was having some trouble at the time when I was talking with her the first time at adapting to BaseCamp because I was used to Trello, which has a Kanban-style interface, and BaseCamp uses list-style interfaces. Through conversation with Molood, she helped me reframe my thinking of lists in a way that made me figure out that I could actually use them in a Kanban-like fashion, creating the same sort of workflow, but with a different style tool.

This is what I love so much about following her and about learning what she’s up to. She is really focused on making sure that we don’t just go into a new way of working using the same mentalities, that we create new ways of doing thing, instead of trying to adapt the old ways of doing things. So whenever I’m approaching something, whenever I’m approaching a new situation, and I feel tempted to see how we did it in the past before remote work, I’m reminded of my conversations with Molood because sometimes that’s not the best idea, or that’s not the only way forward, right? It makes sense to figure out we’re in a new situation, what are we going to create? And, again, this is something that I learned very, very thoroughly from her, there is no reason of why we should rely in age-old methods when the world is completely different.

Other examples that she gave me that really made me shift my perspective was about an old Ericsson phone, right? If you’re teaching someone to use a smartphone today, you’re not going to start them by giving them an old Ericsson phone, right? That doesn’t make any sense. Even though, of course, the new ones are much more complex, right, it’s a whole different way of interacting with the phone, it doesn’t make any sense to give them the thing that we were using before, just because it’s simple or just because it’s the way that we learned to interact with phones, right? New things require new approaches, and that was the perspective shift that I got from Molood, and that’s really I tried to bring forward in the future whenever I’m confronted with any problem.

So thank you, Molood so much. It’s a pleasure following you, and I recommend everyone check out her account. You can find it on Molood Ceccarelli in LinkedIn and at Remote Forever on Twitter and I really recommend you do it so. If you want an introduction to Molood’s thinking, there’s an article written about my conversation with her at thinkremote.com and so go ahead and check that out. Or check the DistantJob podcast. You can just Google Molood DistantJob podcast and you’ll find it. That’s also a really great interview that I love doing. And, yeah, if you enjoy these kinds of conversations, please do head to thinkremote.com, subscribe to the newsletter, and you can get some nice swag if you subscribe to the newsletter during our launch month. And if you enjoyed this conversation, please press share, like, comment, subscribe.

This was Virtual Coffee Chat with Luis. There was not a lot of coffee in this conversation because it’s hot, but there will be more tomorrow when we go into Debts and Lessons Week, Day Three. See you tomorrow.


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