Texas Has The Best WiFi for Remote Workers


A critical factor for remote workers is the availability of a dependable WiFi connection. Despite the commendable amenities offered by certain US cities, remote workers are increasingly inclined to seek relocations where they can enjoy consistently reliable WiFi connections.

Conducted by Hosting Advice, a comprehensive study assessed the quality of broadband infrastructure, reliability, and connection speeds across various states and cities.

According to the findings of this study, the following cities stand out as the best options.

  1. Waco, Texas
  2. Springfield, Illinois 
  3. Greensboro, North Carolina 
  4. Madison, Wisconsin 
  5. Omaha, Nebraska 
  6. St. Paul, Minnesota 
  7. Ogden, Utah 
  8. Tucson, Arizona 
  9. Chattanooga, Tennessee 
  10. Hartford, Connecticut

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