TaskRabbit is Closing Its Offices and Entirely Embracing Remote Work

Task Rabbit

TaskRabbit just announced that it would close its offices, including its headquarters in San Francisco. The online marketplace is shifting towards a remote-first work policy.

While hybrid work arrangements continue to take over most companies, some of them decided to change things permanently after experiencing positive results in the middle of the pandemic. TaskRabbit is focusing now on providing its employees with flexibility, enabling them to work from any location they want.

TaskRabbit Embraces a Remote First Work Policy

The online worker-for-hire company has more than 250 employees with office hubs in different parts of the world, such as San Francisco, Texas, and London. During the pandemic, the company conducted several internal surveys to understand employees’ thoughts and feelings on remote work. A vast majority hoped the company would continue with the same flexibility as they had in the pandemic.

Now, rather than returning to the office, TaskRabbit said it encourages team weeks in cities with a high number of employees where they can come together, connect, and bond. 

According to a company statement: 

“For us, remote-first is the concept of putting virtual work and remote participation as a priority and the primary way our employees work, with all other means of showing up to work as secondary. Most importantly, remote-first refers to how we work rather than where we work.”

Ania Smith, TaskRabbit Chief Executive, believes that the office the way it has always existed is no longer here; now, companies are transforming the way they work. 


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