Syracuse: New Co-Living For Young Entrepreneurs

co-living young entrepreneurs

Commonspace, co-living for young entrepreneurs, announces the expansion into two historic buildings downtown in Syracuse. 

Since 2015, Syracuse CoWorks has provided desks and meeting rooms at the northeast corner of South Warren and East Jefferson streets. The following year, the organization opened the co-living Commonspace with 21 apartments.

In 2019, the organization invested $12 million in a project to update the original Syracuse CoWorks. Now, the construction works for the extension are completed. The co-living for young entrepreneurs has 59 new studio apartments and a new co-working space over 20,000 square feet in 349-351 S. Warren Street. In addition, 57 new micro-offices are available for small companies to rent, with flexible workspaces, a community kitchen, and six conference rooms.

Thanks to developers Troy Evans and Joe Sisko, the expansion was possible. As Sisko said: “We opened right at the start of Covid. It was a rough time to expand a co-working space. But over the last five months or so, things have really picked up. There’s been a huge surge to a…new form of normal, a lot of emphasis on hybrid working.”

New Co-living For Young Entrepreneurs

On August 26, the Commonspace will celebrate its first anniversary and expansion. 

The membership in the co-working space ranges from $75 to $200/month, while private office rental starts at $500/month. The subscription includes Wi-Fi and coffee. In addition, access to sales training and business workshops is available. The rent for the co-living ranges from $1,100 to $3,000/month, and it’s sold out at the moment. 

Finally, the expansion includes a fitness room, a chef’s kitchen, a library, and a game room.

The renters of the space are mainly marketing agencies, recruiting agencies, and entrepreneurs. Combining multiple activities, the co-working and co-living for young entrepreneurs is an excellent opportunity to network and grow your business. 

About the inauguration: 

Where: 351 S. Warren St.

When: Thursday, August 26, 6-8 p.m.

Cost: $25. The event allows no more than 30 attendees. 

Registration here.


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