(VIDEO) Book Week Day 3: Surviving Remote Work

Luis talks about Surviving remote work during his coffee chat

On Think Remote Book Week Day Three, Luis talks about surviving remote work! If you haven’t already, please check the books Luis recommended on Day 1 and Day 2.

In this video, Luis shares his thoughts on “Surviving Remote Work” by Sharon Koifman, President of DistantJob. According to Luis, the book is very conversational. In the book, Sharon talks about some of the challenges he faced and how he solved them. It is very relevant to the current times. 2021 is all about the new way of working but remote work is still new for many people. A lot of people and businesses didn’t plan for this change. This book contains actionable advice. Watch this video to know more about Luis’ opinion on “Surviving Remote Work”.

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Today is Book Week, Day Three and we’re going to learn how to survive remote work with a nice cup of coffee. Actually today, because I feel like a rebel, I added some milk, so nice, foamy milk. I know. I know. Eric’s like, “Burn him.” But in any case, this is Virtual Coffee Chat with Luis for Think Remote and we are doing the Book Week. Yes, we’re doing Book Week. It’s day Three. If you haven’t please check the previous two days, there are some good books. I recommend books that I’ve read completely from top to bottom myself. And I think are worthy of having a prime place in the shelf of anyone who does remote work. And today we’re going to the third one. The third one I recommend, Surviving Remote Work by Sharon Koifman. Yes, now small disclaimer, Sharon is my friend. Sharon is my personal friend and I was the first reader to the book, so I had a hand in crafting this beauty and look, as an author myself, I told this to Sharon, right?

When I know that my book is ready to publish, that I have a book that’s worth publishing, the thing that I think about is, “Am I enjoying reading it? Is this a book for me?” Right? That is the main thing and if the answer is “yes,” well, I publish it. So that’s the path that I took when helping him out and I taught, “Do I enjoy, am I enjoying reading Surviving Remote Work?” Yes. The answer was yes. The fact is that not only was I enjoying it, even though I’ve worked with Sharon for many years, I even learned some things from the book, which is amazing because we talk about remote work literally every day, but still I was missing some things.

And the book, it kind of plugged these holes in my remote work knowledge. Now the great thing about this book is that it is very conversational, right? The whole book reads as if you’re having a conversation with Sharon. It’s very narrative. Now, other books tell stories, right? They usually follow a format where here’s the topic, problem, or challenge, example, solution, right? They put nice, neat, neat slice of life examples in there. This one is a much more narrative book, not in a sense that there is a top-down story, though there’s kind of a meta-story story in there as well, but it’s almost … The chapters themselves are usually self-contained stories about how Sharon faced some challenges and how he solved them. So that’s a very different approach, a very readable approach and I would advise this book. Let me get some coffee because my mouth is running dry.

I’m babbling a bit, sorry, just the nature of starting your day hyper caffeinated I’m afraid, but so in any case, I really recommend the book, especially now in 2021, where a lot of people, remote work is still new for a lot of people, a lot of people were put into it without any planning or very little warning. This is a great book for those people because it gives them non nonsense, immediately actionable advice. Literally, there’s almost nothing in this book that you cannot implement in this week and you will see an enormous gain. I’m also a big fan of what they call a 80, 20 books, right? Meaning books that a bookstore with 20% effort, you get 80% of the gains. This is definitely one of those books. It’s got this quality, very practical quality about it and you’re going to be able to read it in over a weekend and you’ll be entertained while doing it. So again from a good friend, great job. Sharon, I loved your book. And I think that it’s worth being in the shelves of everyone doing remote work right now. It comes highly recommended.

I highly enjoyed it. And I hope you, the viewers do too. And if you enjoy this video, please, of course share, like, and subscribe. And if you enjoy the kinds of things that I’m talking about, go over to thinkremote.com, sign up to the newsletter and you’ll get some goodies, right, some physical goodies for signing up for the newsletter during our launch month. And of course, you’ll probably enjoy the content there if you enjoy this, if you enjoy … And you’ll also, maybe in the future, spoiler alert, I don’t know, maybe we’ll have some special goodies for people who also read Sharon’s book. Who knows? He’s my friend, so maybe we’ll do a partnership there. Anyway, enjoy the video. Please like, subscribe, share. And see you tomorrow for day four of Book Week. See you.


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