Survey: 90% of workers prefer a 4-day work week, survey finds

remote work

Around nine in ten workers support a four-day work week, remote or hybrid work. This is according to a new recent Bankrate study.

The survey showed the popularity of the changing workplace preferences are most notable by generation.

About 87% of Gen Xers support a four-day workweek compared to 91% of Millennials and a whopping 93% of Gen Z.

Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst for Bankrate, says this trend could continue.

“Because workers know that these are options for many kinds of jobs, they will continue to seek this kind of workplace flexibility in some fashion.”

“Our Bankrate survey found many people are willing to change jobs or industries, to come into the office more if needed,” Hamrick explained.

The survey also found workers are even willing to take a pay cut and fewer vacation days in some instances.

Hamrick cautioned that some industries are not easily adaptable to alternate work schedules and recommended job seekers to be realistic about their industry choices.

He suggested thinking about salary requirements when considering remote work and comparing benefits for jobs that are in the office versus out of the office.


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