Suniel Shetty Shares His Controversial Opinion On Remote Work

Woman working remotely

In a recent LinkedIn post, bollywood actor turned investor, Suniel Shetty, shared an unpopular opinion about working from home and the return to office mandates.

As the pandemic receded, employers began calling employees back to the office. Many top tech CEOs have said that working from office is better and Bollywood actor-turned-investor Suniel Shetty shares this view.

In his LinkedIn post, the star talked about how the youth today is running after remote work opportunities even though “working from office is an invaluable experience” and this damages some real growth opportunities.

Shetty wrote:

“I need to put this out there. I’ve noticed an increasing number of young kids entering the workforce, who favour opportunities that allow remote working. While work from home was great in many ways, until the pandemic lasted, the invaluable experiences & growth opportunities that come from being physically present in a real-world work environment, can’t be ignored.”

The actor added that he owes his growth to ‘learning from people that he looked up to’ and building relationships while being at work.

He then said that by working in an office, one can interact with people from varied backgrounds and build relationships that last. “I built a great bond with the likes of Salman and Ajay through common interests. We don’t work together as much anymore, yet the bond remains.”

Shetty elaborates that working from office gives people a taste of ‘real pressure’ and remote work won’t do that. People get a chance to ‘deal with stress, see how big decisions are made and adapt to changing circumstances’.


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