Summer Brings Record Demand For Remote Jobs

According to a new report from job search platform Flexa, the share of job seekers looking for companies that offer to “work from anywhere” rose to 88% in June, from 80% in April. This is the highest since the company began tracking in 2022.

At the same time, the share expressing a preference for fully remote jobs rose to 59% from 52% over the same period.

For this study, Flexa analysed more than 350,000 searches and the preferences expressed by more than 8,000 job seekers between April and June.

While remote work becomes more popular every day, the data suggests that employee demand for flexibility may be, to some extent, seasonal.

The co-founder and chief executive officer of Flexa, Ms Molly Johnson-Jones, explained: “We saw fully remote roles fall out of favor with job seekers last autumn, with demand dropping to an all-time low in December.”

“The reversal of this trend, which began in spring and has continued into the summer, highlights the seasonality behind the demand for different working locations.”

The flexibility of a remote job usually allows employees to travel for extended periods without using up annual leave or taking a cut in pay.


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