A Study Found One In Three Remote Employees Work From Their Car

man working from the car

OnePoll conducted a survey of 2,000 people who work remotely for Office Depot. It explored how working from home has evolved over the last few years. These are the results:

Work Location (Before the Pandemic)

Prior to the pandemic, when respondents worked outside of the office, they reported:

  • Working from a hotel (43%)
  • A friend or family member’s home (36%) 
  • Coffee shop (28%).   

Work Location (Post-Pandemic) 

According to new research: 

  • 35% of employees spend an average of an hour a day working from bed. 
  • Nearly a third of those surveyed even worked from their car (28%)
  • Others worked while wave-watching at the beach (8%).

That mobile office mentality has given way to the home office. Now, most respondents work primarily from a dedicated home office (63%). 

The lack of a dedicated home workspace is more of an issue for those who have had roommates. A quarter of those who live with others reports needing more space since they share a workspace with other members of their household (25%).

To avoid distractions and encourage productivity, most people create a home office space, which requires both time and money. 

The average remote worker has spent about $1,700 of their own money on equipment or tools to work more comfortably from home. 30% of respondents claimed they have “remodeled” their workspace at least three times since they first started working from home. 

The most underrated products for having a productive and enjoyable work environment are an adjustable chair (24%), a spacious desk with storage (22%), organizational tools like planners or desk organizers (10%), and a laptop stand/riser (9%).

While working remotely may not be for everyone, respondents said the pros outweighed the cons. They reported the biggest work-from-home perks:

  • Being able to dress comfortably (57%).
  • Having no commute (54%).
  • Working on their own schedule (53%).

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