More Startups Support Remote Workers

startups support remote workers

Three startups support remote workers. As COVID restrictions go up and down, hybrid and remote work arrangements are still the most reliable opinion for most managers and remote entrepreneurs. As a result, different startups are offering innovative technologies and platforms to facilitate virtual teams. 

Especially three tech startups support remote workers. New tools and strategies are coming up to support virtual and distributed teams from legal issues to connective platforms. 

3 Startups To Support Remote Workers 


After raising $15.2 million, CEO Sami Bouremoum launched Hofy. The UK company provides support to set up remote workers for corporations’ remote teams worldwide. In addition to legal issues related to local tax regulations, Hofy offers logistic support:  

  • Furniture 
  • IT equipment (headsets, mice, printers, desk lamps, standing mats, screen mounts, desk risers)
  • Ergonomic chairs and desks


Rock provides collaborative software for remote workers. The platform is a distributed work company allowing synchronous and asynchronous work from anywhere. More than a productivity tool, the platform includes remote tools in one platform to improve virtual workflow. The affordable platform for distributed work includes messaging, tasks, notes, and files.


OfficeTogether supports hybrid-office companies with scheduling and capacity management software. Remote workers can integrate the tool with Slack, Google Calendar, Okta, and other platforms. Virtual employees can also check who is on schedule to plan synchronous tasks or video calls. 

With the spread of hybrid and distributed models, more startups promote new tools to support remote workers worldwide. 


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