Nexthink and Citrix New Partnership To Power Hybrid Work

RALEIGH,NC/USA – 2-06-2019: Citrix and Sharefile office building in downtown Raleigh, NC

Nexthink, a digital employee experience management software, announced its partnership with Citrix, an American multinational cloud computing and technology company. The companies are joining forces to provide organizations with one view for end-to-end visibility of remote employee experiences. Also, they focus on providing customers with secure remote work solutions.  

One of the challenges most companies experienced during the pandemic was shifting to a virtual work structure. The challenge was not with remote work itself but the tools and software virtual teams needed to have a smooth transition. Due to all of these challenges, new software, applications, and overall tools have emerged to support hybrid and remote work structures.

Nexthink and Citrix: A Partnership to Support Hybrid Work 

Citrix provides Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions for remote work giving employees consistent and reliable access to all the applications they need from any device and location. And with this new partnership, Nexthink will be a key vendor in Digital Employee Experience Management supporting Citrix’s solutions. 

Both platforms will create new features and integrations, allowing end-user computing teams and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure operations to deliver a great experience to users. Additionally, customers will view, engage, and manage end-to-end digital experiences from wherever they choose to consume insights. The Citrix Analytics for Performance offers real-time actionable insights with user experience scores. 

Combined with Nexthink’s advanced employee experience insights, these insights will provide IT administration with a single view, enabling them to proactively resolve any type of problem before the user submits a help ticket. In other words, it will significantly improve the employee’s remote work experience. 

Director of Strategic Business Development at Citrix, William Du, shares:

“Many organizations already plan and monitor their Citrix deployment using Nexthink. As part of the partnership, Nexthink and Citrix are building two-way platform integrations to continue to improve insights into Citrix environments and the digital employee experience delivered by them. Working together, we can deliver a simple solution that enables Citrix customers to prioritize digital employee experience considerations as they further develop their hybrid workforce strategies,” 


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