St. Pete: A New Community for Digital Nomads 

community for digital nomads

An established serial entrepreneur will develop a community for digital nomads in St. Pete. The micro-units will offer artists, creatives, and remote entrepreneurs a flexible workplace. 

San Eng is a managing partner of the US real estate investment firm Skytian Capital. With the growing demand for flexible workplaces, he sees a valuable opportunity in two downtown properties in St. Pete. As a result, the project aims to build a community for digital nomads and creatives.   

So, the community Satsoshi’s Hideout will be in the two buildings near the Park Plaza Apartments. Inspired by hotels initiatives, the 41 modern units will host creatives and remote entrepreneurs. The idea is to offer a space for those who are seeking focus and networking opportunities. And the units range from 200 to 400 square feet, with smart doorbells, eclectic billing, and automated systems for trash. 

In short, the community for digital nomads includes: 

  • Kitchen 
  • Bath
  • Meeting spaces
  • Cafe in the courtyard
  • Rooftop lounge
  • Fast WiFi 
  • NFTs displays

In addition, the community of digital nomads homages Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. And, the company will accept crypto payments to rent rooms for days or weeks.

As Eng said: “We want to build this community space and legacy in St. Pete that’s not another luxury condo. This space will teach people about tech and can draw more entrepreneurs to the city.”

Finally, the community for digital nomads will be ready in six to nine months. Even in a post-pandemic scenario, remote workers and travelers are the main targets for new projects. 

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