Smaller Tech Companies Are More Likely To Embrace Remote Work

man working remotely

When the pandemic happened, Big Tech companies like Google, Meta, and Apple were the first to offer remote work accommodations.

But, as their stock prices have suffered, they are all calling workers back to the office. Google is even factoring office attendance into performance reviews.

According to the latest Flex Index by Scoop, smaller tech companies are now leading when it comes to remote work.

The report made up of 4,500 companies and over 100 million people, found that 65% of big tech companies (categorized as having 25,000+ employees) now enforce a structured hybrid model.

In contrast to this, 88% of small tech companies (those with 500 employees or less) are fully flexible, with no rules or parameters on whether their employees come into an office or not. Similarly, 67% of companies under 100 employees are fully remote.

Very few tech companies of any size require their staff to be in the office full time. In fact, only 8% insisted, which is the lowest percentage across all industries.

Tech was found to be the most flexible industry, with media and entertainment then professional services following closely behind.


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