Slack Introduces Huddles: Voice Chat for Remote Workers

Slack new feature huddle is for remote workers
Photo by Stephen Phillips – on Unsplash

Chat and collaboration platform, Slack added Huddles, a new voice chat feature that allows remote workers to ‘huddle’ with their colleagues.

Most companies are transitioning to a remote work model. Huddle can be the right tool for ensuring seamless communication. While text chats are a large part of remote workers’ lives, voice chats will make things easier and less complicated. Text doesn’t always convey the exact tone or intent of the message. Voice chats can iron out such creases that often lead to misinterpretation.

Slack is already widely used and helps companies across the globe with better team collaboration, especially remote workers. Remote businesses are able to create channels, share important files among employees and now also send voice chats with the new huddles feature. Remote workers will also miss the casual chit chat of a physical office a lot lesser once they start using this new feature.

It is also very easy to use. A user needs to turn on the Huddles feature for any channel. The feature also lets the user share their screen, which helps to get quick inputs on a project whenever needed.

Huddles works for DMs as well. It isn’t just limited to Slack channels. The feature is available now for paid teams.

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