Shopify Cancels Most Meetings In 2023: Employees Given Unexpected Freedom

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Shopify Inc., one of Canada’s most successful tech companies, canceled all its large-scale meetings in 2023 to free up employee time. The Ottawa-based e-commerce giant announced on Tuesday, explaining that this decision means 76,500 hours previously set aside for meetings that can be used for other work. 

Besides the work structure that led millions of companies to shift from an onsite model towards are remote one, the pandemic also impacted the number and the way meetings were held. With the zoom fatigue, and leaders realizing that having too many meetings can impact productivity, Shopify is betting towards async work.

Shopify And Its New Policy

According to Kaz Najtian, Shopify’s vice prescient, the changes the company is introducing a focus on how they can make the biggest impact on the mission of making commerce better for everyone. 

“Uninterrupted time is the most precious resource, and we are giving our people a ‘no judgment zone’ to subtract, reject meetings, and focus on what is most valuable.”

Meetings with three or more people, meetings on Wednesdays, and meetings with 50+ people outside Tuesdays from 11 am to 5 pm will be canceled. This recent policy will eliminate nearly 10,000 events from employee calendars. 


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