Shipkevich PLLC Offers Permanent Remote Work Option to Employees

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Shipkevich PLLC is offering flexible and permanent remote work option to it’s attorneys as part of their Flexibility and Family First Initiative.

The Flexibility and Family First Initiative was born when the firm noticed that attorneys discontent with an unhealthy work culture that is usually a part of any typical law firm. This discontentment was ignored by the industry before the pandemic.

Shipkevich PLLC is aiming to provide a work environment that helps employees to have mental health and family as a priority. Attorneys can work remotely and also choose flexible schedules.

“If this is what employees want, we see no reason not to give it to them. In order to provide healthier work environments, we need to move away from the misconception that if you are not in the office, or are not working specific hours, you are not working. In our view, a happy employee is a more productive employee.”Krystina Endara, Partner at Shipkevich PLLC

Once remote work became a mandate during the pandemic, many workers realized that this could be a good permanent option. It allows them to manage their work pressure better and also spend time with their families. This caused an increase in demand for permanent remote work and flexible working models. Many firms will now find it harder to retain good attorneys if they aren’t competitive enough to meet such demands.

“In recent years, the advancement of technology has resulted in a blurred line between work and home, to the detriment of the employee. However, the Pandemic has shown us that we can use technology to re-define boundaries in a way that is productive for both the employee and the employer.”Krystina Endara, Partner at Shipkevich PLLC

Shipkevich believes that to serve clients in the best way possible, attorneys need to be happy and eager to work. This is achievable when the new way of working is implemented keeping employees’ demands a priority.

“Our firm’s objective is to provide top quality legal services for our clients. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our attorneys zealously represent our valuable clients while simultaneously maintaining a quality of life at home.”Felix Shipkevich, Principal of Shipkevich PLLC

This thoughtful move by Shipkevich could lead to more talented attorneys joining the firm.

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