Beach Coworking Spaces in São Paulo

beach coworking spaces

After 18 months of lockdown and quarantine, São Paulo is slowly starting its activities again. With the rise of remote work and digital nomads, the city has launched a new initiative: beach coworking spaces. 

Open-air coworking spaces are becoming a popular option for those who work remotely in a safe environment. In the Brazilian capital, rooftops and terraces are now an alternative workplace for all citizens. 

With desks and Internet connection, the open-air coworking looks like a beach whew people can work and safely interact with others. 

Two Examples Of Beach Coworking Spaces 

In Brazil, the coworking spaces trend increased six times between 2015 and 2019 (almost 1,500). Counting over 200 coworking spaces, São Paulo is one the best places to find a dynamic and safe workstation – in or outdoors.

For example, GoWork was originally a coworking space for internet startups. After the pandemic, numerous professionals between layers, consultants, and auditors joined the club. It is one of the first innovative coworking businesses in the city, spreading in 14 locations on 32,000 square meters.

As GoWork owner Fernando Bottura says: “We’ve had a 300% increase in requests for estimates from traditional big businesses [since 2019] like fertilizer and plastic industry companies […] It no longer makes sense for anyone to rent an office.”

Another example is B2Mamy. Since 2019, it has been a family-friendly coworking area run by Danieli Junco. Initially, the 500-square-meter location was designed for women mothers in the pharmaceutical industry. Children can stay in the space while their parents are working. In addition, the site provides childminders for 1,000 reais (US$180) a year.

Schools have been closed since the pandemic, and beach coworking spaces are a great alternative to work remotely while watching kids in a healthy environment. Face masks are still compulsory. However, beach coworking spaces provide an alternative space to network and interact with people after months of isolation working from home.


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