San Juan County Adopts Shorter Workweek

people working around a table

This Tuesday, The San Juan County Council adopted a 32-hour work week for employees represented by AFSCME 1849, a bargaining unit that employs the majority of the island town’s workforce. 

The county said the measure will help maintain fiscal health, improve employee recruitment and retention and prioritize the well-being of islanders. 

This will go into effect on October, and employees will then receive 100% of their pay for 80% of the traditional hours.

County Manager Mike Thomas made a statement: “The workplace of today is not the same workplace that existed even two years ago – retention, work-life balance, compensation, and remote work, are all issues the County and likely most employers must find a way to deal with in order to maintain a workforce.”

County offices will remain open to the public and hold regular hours of operation. Some departments may adjust their hours or close one day a week, but their hours of operation will be properly noticed.

The county said it has been operating with a job vacancy rate around 10-15%, “making it difficult to meet deadlines, avoid employee burnout, and retain institutional knowledge.


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