San Diego Employers Are Calling Everyone Back to the Office

San Diego

Most businesses in San Diego are likely to return to the on-site work structure. According to a comprehensive report created by the San Diego Association of Governments, most companies don’t expect their staff to work from home after the pandemic. And surprisingly, the vast majority stated they wouldn’t be offering remote work options at all.

There is a lot of speculation when it comes to how the future of Work would look like. In general, the post-pandemic workplace has two different scenarios for companies. On the one hand, big companies have started announcing the implementation of a hybrid model. But on the other hand, other companies are looking forward to returning to the office. 

The San Association of Governments recently published their report in which they surveyed 577 businesses and 1,000 employees. Most companies, especially during the first months of 2021, kept discussing how remote Work is here to stay. But surprisingly, for San Diego business owners, remote Work is not in their plans. After the pandemic, remote working is expected to decrease to 40% in the area. 

The report found out that while some businesses plan to allow more flexibility than before, most don’t want their staff working from home full-time after the pandemic.

  • Just 10% of surveyed businesses will be allowing their staff to work from home three or more days per week.
  • The majority said they would not offer any type of remote work arrangements.

Antoinette Meier, SANDAG Director of Mobility and Innovation, said in a statement:

We found that most businesses believe remote Work will be less prevalent following the pandemic than at its peak. With that said, more employers have considered telework as a viable option. As we continue planning for a faster, fairer, and cleaner transportation future for everyone, teleworking will be studied to determine its impact on how and when people travel throughout the region.

While working from home is not a possibility for all fields and roles, there is still an increase in certain fields that will continue operating under this modality. It’s still soon to say that things are going back to normal in San Diego. However, it does look like those working remotely or under flexible arrangements will be a minority. 


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You're interested in news & tips about remote work? What luck! That's what we do! Better join our newsletter so we can hang out