Salesforce CEO Claims Remote Workers are Less Productive


Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has recently made a controversial statement about remote workers: they are less productive than in-office employees. The remarks come as Salesforce prepares for layoffs and looks to increase productivity. 

While many companies have adopted remote working during the pandemic, Benioff believes there is no substitute for being in the office with colleagues. According to him, “Productivity goes down when people work from home…It’s just not as good as when you’re physically together.” 

Marc Benioff Belives Remote Work Has Lowered Productivity

According to a leaked audio of a Salesforce meeting shared with Insider, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff noted that while video calls can facilitate communication between team members, they do not compare to face-to-face interactions, which often lead to more creative solutions and collaboration. 

He stated that Salesforce doesn’t have the same performance and productivity level as before the pandemic. 

“When we look at some percentage of the employees, especially some of the folks that are new employees, are just not as productive.”

Benioff also highlighted that half of the company’s workforce isn’t productive, and a lot of them are new folks. He asked questions regarding remote employee management and how its key to evaluate the situation as it has never happened in the company’s history. 


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