Romanian Law For Digital Nomads 

Romanian law digital nomads

A few months ago, Romania drafted a visa scheme for digital nomads. On January 17, 2022, Romanian Law for digital nomads entered into force.

After months of discussion, the government approved the scheme for digital nomads. So, the aim is to restart the local economy with remote workers and long-term travelers. 

Here you can find outlined the core point of the Romanian legislation: 

Romanian Law For Digital Nomads in Bullet Points: 

For the law, a digital nomad is a foreigner employed outside Romania. The company must be registered outside the country, and the employee must use communication technology to work.

Romanian law for digital nomads allows long-stay visas under two conditions: 

1. They have the means to support their stay in the country. In short, remote workers need at least three times the average gross monthly earnings in Romania for at last 6 months before submitting the visa application;

2. Their income comes from a remote work arrangement.

Finally, digital nomads can request an extension for the temporary residence if they meet the following conditions:

  • Employment agreement with a company registered outside Romania. The option works to provide remote services or the possession of a company incorporated abroad (for at least three years before the visa application).
  • Letter from the company stating company identification and contact data, a field of activity, shareholders status, and company legal representative.

According to the new Romanian law for digital nomads, the Romanian General Inspectorate for Immigration can grant a resident permit (6 months). This permit allows staying in-country while applying for visa extensions. 

To conclude, Romania follows other countries’ example opening to long-stay travelers. Romanian law for digital nomads is complex and a long process. But once you are in, it’s one of the most beautiful places in Europe to work remotely. 


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