Research Shows Potential for 9,000 Irish Remote Jobs with Systemic Support

Dublin, Ireland

According to research by Grow Remote, a social company that advocates for remote work in Ireland, approximately 9,000 Irish roles could be made remote if system support were implemented. 

The research was conducted on Linkedin in May 2023 and revealed that only 11.5% of jobs advertised on Linkedin in Ireland are remote, compared to 70% in Latvia, Estonia, and Slovenia. 

Grow Remote claims that 46% of Irish jobs advertised on LinkedIn could be remote. This equals to a total of 11,700 jobs, with IT, telecommunications and financial services being the sectors with the highest potential to provide remote and hybrid roles.

According to Traky Keogh, Grow Remote’s founder:

“While the common narrative in the media is that we have reached a ‘steady state’ with remote work, our research shows that we are nowhere near where we could be in terms of unlocking job opportunities from urban areas and making them available to people across the country.”

For Keogh, when it comes to the EU level, Ireland is staying behind other countries, especially those in Eastern Europe. This can represent a risk and a potential loss of investment and attracting better talent opportunities.


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