RemotePass Launches a Mobile App for Remote Workers

Mobile app for remote workers
Photo by Nicole Wolf on Unsplash

RemotePass, a compliance and global payroll provider, has released a mobile app created especially for remote workers that gives them the same access to financial services and perks from any location.

With the help of the RemotePass Super App, which includes a virtual and physical payroll card, remote workers can receive payments instantly and at no extra cost, hold their money in USD, spend it online and offline, buy health insurance to cover dependents, and withdraw it in 90+ different currencies from any location in the world.

The Step Saudi Conference in Riyadh, which the firm is sponsoring, will feature live demonstrations of the functionality of the RemotePass Super App.

The RemotePass Super App gives remote workers access to a centralized system so they can manage their contracts, request time off, and submit costs all in one space. This gives teams the flexibility they need to accommodate an increasingly dispersed global workforce and eliminates many of the conventional difficulties of remote working.

Workers have the choice to withdraw money to PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, and Crypto thanks to the Super App. Through the use of OCR technology, the program offers a multi-currency cost tracking solution that automatically extracts data from receipts.

As a business, RemotePass is continuing to make significant investments in its fintech product line and plans to provide new services soon, such as salary advances and private pensions. RemotePass aims to give underserved remote employees equal access to financial services and benefits by accomplishing this.

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