Remote Workers Have A 54% Lower Carbon Footprint

According to a recent study, remote work has a big net positive effect on our planet.

Cornell University and Microsoft conducted the study. They used survey data and modeling to quantify the difference in environmental impact between working from home and commuting.

The results found that remote workers have a 54% lower carbon footprint than onsite workers.

They also found that hybrid workers could reduce their carbon footprint by 11% to 29% by working from home two to four days per week.

In conclusion, remote workers are responsible for less planet-overheating pollution.

The reason? By not commuting to an office, workers significantly cut down on their emissions from transportation.

The transportation sector was responsible for 28% of planet-overheating pollution in 2021, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

In addition, remote workers do not contribute to office energy use.

One of the authors of the study said: “The findings suggest organizations should prioritize lifestyle and workplace improvements.”

They also recommended that companies focus on incentivizing workers who do come into the office to use public transit instead of driving.

Energy efficiency in office buildings should be improved as well.


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