Remote Workers At The Highest Risk Of Being Replaced By AI

According to new research, fully remote employees will have to fight to keep their jobs safe from AI.

Nicholas Bloom, economics professor at Stanford University, said remote workers are at risk of losing their jobs to technology.

The big way to protect yourself as an individual? To be in a role that requires some in-person interaction.

Bloom added: “To meet co-workers, manage, or mentor every other month creates an activity that AI cannot do.”

Fully remote workers represent 10% of the American and Northern European workforce.

In particular, roles that are 100% remote and repetitive are at highest risk of being replaced by AI.

“If you think of data entry, call centers, HR, payroll… a lot of this may be replaced by AI in five to 10 years,” he said.

It may be impractical for robots to physically replace in-person workers though.

AI could potentially make hybrid workers more productive. According to the professor’s research, they make up 30% of the American and Northern European workforce.


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