Remote Workers Are Less Likely To Be Fired

New data from Startups reveals that remote workers are less likely to be fired.

Companies clinging to in-office culture were twice as likely to have laid off staff in the past 12 months.

Startups surveyed a representative sample of 546 UK businesses towards the end of 2023.

The results show that 38% of fully in-office firms made job cuts last year, compared to 16% of remote teams.

Working from home could now be the most cost-effective shield against layoffs.

Shrinking office space means companies can save on one of their highest expenses while maintaining a stable workforce.

This also applies to hybrid work, with a layoff rate of 30%. Employees required to go into the office two or three days per week showed an improvement on fully in-office counterparts.

In the survey, 66% of business leaders said they intend to improve their flexible work options in 2024.

This includes 12% saying they were considering introducing a four-day work week, and 14% who aim to increase the number of days staff can work remotely.

Just 6% of employers said they intended to increase the number of days their staff were expected to attend the office in 2024.


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