Remote Workers Are Laid Off 35% More Often

A new study of two million white-collar jobs revealed remote workers are more at risk of being laid off.

The analysis was conducted by employment data provider Live Data Technologies.

They found fully remote employees are laid off 35% more often than their peers who work in-office or hybrid.

The study showed that 10% of full-time remote roles were cut in 2023, compared to 7% of in-office jobs.

The reason? Analysts say it´s easier to fire someone you don’t have a close personal relationship with.

The analysis found remote employees are also more likely to quit.

12% of remote workers quit their jobs in 2023 and began a new role within two months, compared to 9% of hybrid and in-office employees.

Return-to-office policies are to blame for the now frequent remote work turnover.

Many tech workers are “loud quitting” or pushing back on management in protest of in-office mandates.


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