Remote Workers Are Flocking To Bloomington, Indiana

Remote work relocation
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Bloomington Remote is giving relocation incentives to out-of-towners.

MakeMyMove, a new startup aiming at connecting remote employees to new communities, highlighted the programme. The programme intends to entice distant workers to relocate to Bloomington by providing free coworking space and assistance in settling into their new neighbourhood.

The program offers the following benefits:

  • 3 years of free membership to The Mill worth more than $2,200 a year.
  • Access to co-working office space,
  • An instant network and other amenities. 

“The pandemic provided quite an opportunity for us. We have been working on a product to find talent that is connected to the state of Indiana and attract them to relocate back.”Evan Hock, co-founder and president, Make My Move

Bloomington city leaders said the boost has been good for them and they hope this is just the beginning.

“I hope it keeps growing and I hope we continue to reach out to people in our country, our state and across the globe.”John Hamilton, Bloomington Mayor

13 remote workers have already moved to Bloomington and a 14th person is in the process of moving.

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