New Remote Worker Incentives Marketplace

remote worker incentives marketplace

Indianapolis-based business MakeMyMove secured a $2 million investment to fuel the remote worker incentives marketplace. 

Investments in remote workers’ services have been rising since the pandemic. MakeMyMove provides support to services and platforms to attract remote workers. The company aims to attract Indiana residents to move back and get tech jobs. After the pandemic, the company adjusted to focus on remote workers looking for accommodation. 

Now, MakeMyMove secured $2 million in capital from its existing investors. And it expects to close other investments to improve remote worker incentives marketplace. With 21 employees, the company plans to expand the team in the upcoming months. So, they will focus on product development, sales, and marketing.

On the website, communities attracting remote workers can already show their offer for new residents, including low cost of living, cultural amenities, cash incentives, or other perks. On the other hand, those who want to relocate can check offers in different places. 

The platform includes: 

  • Ketchikan
  • Alaska
  • Appalachian communities (Kentucky and West Virginia)
  • Louisville (Kentucky) 
  • Baltimore (Maryland)
  • Rochester (New York) 
  • Tulsa

The remote worker incentives marketplace counts 162 communities, representing growing trends toward flexible arrangements. 


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