Remote Work is Coming to an End for State Workers in Missouri

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Thousands of state workers in Missouri will be returning to the office at the end of May. According to an email, Mike Parson, Governor of Missouri, had set May 17 as the deadline for employees to come back to the office. Working from home will no longer be an option, and state buildings should be open during regular business hours as they were before the pandemic. 

The pandemic caused most employees to work from home for more than a year. Yet, these past months have been all around the vaccines, and as more and more people get vaccinated, companies and governments have started to make more flexible measures.

Missouri’s State Workers Will Be Returning to the Office 

When the pandemic started, Missouri’s state workers started working from home. And after spending a total of 14 months working remotely, Mike Parson is calling them back to the office. 

Parson stated in a news release that with the vaccination programs and the low rate of COVID-19 cases in the state, they are ready to get back to the office. The state has vaccinated a total of 2.5 million people, 29% of the state’s population are already fully vaccinated, and more than 38% have already started the vaccination process. 

With COVID-19 vaccines now readily available across the state and virus activity at its lowest levels since early days of the pandemic, we are confident that it is safe to return to pre-COVID-19 work settings and schedules.Mike Parson

Missouri Covid 19 Dashboard
Missouri Dashboard Covid-19

The governor’s office emphasized that despite employees returning to the office, they will continue to be cautious; covid-19 screening and testing protocols will become a regular process to ensure that employees are safe.


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