The New Remote Work Trend: Gym Offices

Fitness centers have now identified a potential advantage in providing additional workspaces, offices, and power outlets. A number of gyms are even establishing dedicated co-working areas to distinguish between those using extension cords and those in workout attire. 

Moreover, certain gyms are implementing a supplementary fee structure, presenting complete floors to clients who wish to work throughout the day.

Co-working spaces, where individuals from various companies share office facilities for a typical monthly cost of $300 to $400 per desk, are encountering instability in the market. 

WeWork, previously renowned as one of the globe’s most valuable startups, has cast uncertainty on its own viability due to a shift in worker preferences towards communal spaces and co-working environments that offer lifestyle-enhancing features. 

Public spaces such as cafes, coffee shops, and libraries are frequently inundated with individuals seeking an alternative to working from home or the traditional office setting.

According to Bob Chodos, a vice chairman at the commercial real estate firm Newmark Group, there is a strong desire for co-working spaces located near the destinations that workers already frequent and where they enjoy spending additional time. 

This preference mirrors the experience people have with gyms, indicating that individuals are seeking convenient and enjoyable co-working options. Chodos frequently acts on behalf of tenants in leasing agreements that encompass co-working arrangements.

“You’re going to see the evolution of the model accommodate people who don’t want to go into the office but still work closer to where they live”


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