Would you like to try to secretly work remotely? Have you ever thought about it? Luis shares all you should know!

Recently, a funny news article was posted that said: “Meet the secret nomads whose bosses don’t know they are working remotely.” WHAT? Is this even possible?

The thing is, during the pandemic, several European countries had strict mandates about the lockdown. People couldn’t leave their homes unless they needed to buy groceries. But, not everyone followed these instructions, and some moved to other countries while they worked remotely!

How would their companies find out they were working far from home if they couldn’t see each other?

Watch the video to know more!

Can you work remotely without your boss knowing about it? I’m sure you can. Let’s find out more in Virtual Coffee Chat with Luis. I’ve already made a dent in my double espresso, but there’s enough to go on, so I will. So welcome, and let’s have a sip.

                Okay. So Euronews had a funny article this week. Was called something like meet the secret nomads whose bosses don’t know they’re working remotely or abroad, or something like that. And can you do it, actually? It’s fun. So the situation is basically this. Because there were pretty strict lockdowns all around Europe, but not strict enough, curiously, that people couldn’t travel to places where there weren’t lockdowns. It’s weird. You’re not supposed to get out of your house unless it’s to buy groceries or fly to another country. Funny thing that. Anyway.

                Because everyone was mandated, as many European countries mandated their employees who could work from home to work from home, people were working remotely. And a lot of people, specifically the people contemplated in this article, decide, well, “As long as I’m working from home, my boss thinks that I’m working from home, they don’t really allow working from another country, but how will they know?” I mean, if you keep background noise to a minimum, especially if the company doesn’t require Zoom video on their calls, which many don’t, who’s to say? Who’s to know?

                So what some of these people decided to do was to backpack through Brazil or Peru or Argentina, go to someplace where lockdowns aren’t so strict and work from there. Surf in their free time, work when they have to work, and basically enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle while their bosses thought that they were still in Germany and Switzerland, et cetera. I have to say, that’s pretty cool. And that actually showcases that the whole office mentality is really completely broken because none of these people, at least as far as I read in the article, were caught. So what this proves is that really it doesn’t matter where they do their work from. I mean, I guess that for some, I mean, why does a company have a rule about the country where you need to work? What sense does that make? If you’re already not in the office, why does that matter?

                And this really proves that what people do, people only really need to do their work. Once people deliver their work, and if they delivered it good and on time, of course, then the rest shouldn’t matter. Where they do it, when they choose to do it, shouldn’t really matter. You need work delivered on time to spec with the maximum quality possible. And if you get that, why does the rest matter? It shouldn’t matter. So good on these people, good on these people.

                Should you do it? Probably. Probably. Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this. Maybe I’m being too subversive. Maybe some bosses listening to me will hate me. But I guess that’s their problem. Obviously, if you’re caught, there could be consequences and those are on you. Don’t say, “Oh, it was because Luis told me to do.” No, that’s not. I’m not a certified career or legal advisor. I don’t know any job law. So the consequences are on you. But, I mean, why shouldn’t you be able to pull it off? Why shouldn’t anyone be able to pull it off? Even if you’re on video, just make sure that you have a wall behind you. And you just say, “Oh, I moved my office to some other place in my house. This is my favorite white wall with some paintings that are suspiciously look like Peruvian paintings. Yes, I’ve developed a taste in Peruvian art.” That’s it. Or just do what other people do, which they put a Zoom screen with space or the San Francisco Bridge or something like that. That also works. Anyway.

                Obviously, again, disclaimer. Everything that I’m saying could get you fired. So don’t do it if you’re not willing to live with the consequences. But some people are doing it. Seems to be going pretty well for them. And as we try to create a new way of working and a new culture around work, I think that these transgressions will be less and less necessary and that it will become just one more decision that you do when you’re looking for work and you’re applying to a new job. Is this going to be a job that I do from the office? Is this going to be a job that I do from my home? Or is this going to be a job that I do while traveling?

                Now, working while traveling is not that easy. And if you don’t want to screw it up, you should be prepared. So I would advise you to visit thinkremote.com, where we have the best tips and tools to ensure that your digital nomad experience goes flawlessly. Nothing is paid. Think Remote is 100% free. It’s a collection of guides, news articles, tips, and tricks for how to do your best work remotely. There are sections dedicated entirely to digital nomadism. So if you want to do it well, if you want to pull it off properly, make sure to go there. That’s it for today. If you enjoyed Virtual Coffee Chat with Luis, please press like, subscribe, and share, and I’ll see you next week. Bye-bye.


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