Remote Work Reduces Tim Hortons Breakfast Demand

Tim Horton

Canadian multinational coffeehouse and restaurant chain, Tim Hortons, is known for its coffee and breakfast foods. Now, the company is changing its approach due to the rise of remote work.

The chain’s traffic is still lagging behind, in part because of fewer visits in the morning as people go to offices less than before the pandemic. The result? Many people forgo office coffee breaks and other dining-out occasions.

Quick-serve restaurant visits are working their way back into routines as people visit their offices once more, but with remote work still popular and high inflation, it’s taking some time to boost store traffic.

The remote work situation is increasingly bringing in Canadians later in the day, which led to Tim Hortons forming a plan for a great return.

They will focus on driving more sales during the latter half of the day and expanding their beverage offerings.

They intend to spend over $400 million on the plan, including $150 million on advertising and digital investments and $250 million on remodels and relocations, restaurant technology, kitchen equipment, and building enhancements.


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