Remote work Succed in Latin America

remote work Latin America

Remote work in Latin America is a success. 

Since the pandemic, there has been an exponential increase of preferences for hybrid and flexible work arrengements.

Now, companies are improving their infrastructures to increase their employees’ well-being. According to Reinventing Benefits 2022 data, 62% of national companies aim to improve well-being and health strategies for their employees. By combining on-site, hybrid, and remote arrangements, 43% of organizations are designing new plans to include different work schemes. And guarantee more flexibility to their employees. 

In addition, 65% of companies want to focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). So, the review of inclusive benefits strategies shows a 12% of employment for women (66% in 2021 against 78% in 2022). The major challenge is still to reach an inclusive and healthy work environment. 

However, remote work in Latin America is a success even with challenges. 


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