Remote Work And The Gap in IT Security Practices

IT security practices

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of cyber security solutions worldwide. According to their last assessment, remote work models come with a gap in IT security practices. 

Recently, Check Point published its findings on remote work and cybersecurity. So, the company surveyed 1,200 IT security professionals globally. As a result, the report reveals how the shift to remote work comes with cybersecurity issues. 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies transitioned their workforce to a remote setting. With the spread of distributed teams, most organizations struggle with their IT security practices. In short, cyber-attacks are increasingly more sophisticated. And most organization didn’t update their systems to cope with the issue. 

Specifically, companies struggle to balance remote users’ productivity, access, and corporate assets security. For Check Point Software, the best IT security practices include:

  • Wi-fi VPN
  • URL filtering
  • URL reputation
  • Content disarm and reconstruction (CDR)
  • Zero phishing 
  • Credentials protection

However, just 9% of companies follow the protocol, and 11% don’t use any of these security systems. Here are the core findings of the global survey on IT security practices: 

  • Remote-access security: 70% of businesses allow access to corporate applications from personal devices. Only 5% of them recommended remote access security methods.
  • Internet access security: 20% of companies don’t have security systems for employees’ Internet access – only 9% use a set security protocol. 
  • Ransomware: 26% of respondents don’t develop an endpoint solution to detect and stop ransomware attacks automatically.
  • Email and Mobile Security: Just 12% of employers allow corporate access from mobile devices.

Back in 2021, reports showed a 50% increase in cyber attacks. Yet, most companies still fail their IT security practices. As a result, remote workers become an easy target for cyber-attacks. 


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