Experts Warn That Remote Work May Leave Gen Z Employees Behind

remote and hybrid work
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Remote work poses challenges for Gen Z employees’ career development

Remote and hybrid work arrangements have become commonplace, allowing employees greater flexibility and the ability to ask for what they want. However, some experts are concerned that early-career workers may be left behind. The absence of workplace intangibles, such as casual conversations and informal observations, can hinder the learning process for young employees. They may miss out on vital cues that guide behaviour, collaboration, and networking, resulting in difficulties in accomplishing even mundane work tasks.

The lack of face-to-face interactions can also make it harder for young employees to strike the right balance between appearing eager and not overeager. This can lead to broader anxieties around visibility and job performance, with employees prioritising the impression they make at work over their actual job performance.

Serendipitous encounters with colleagues help build trust, fostering an environment of risk-taking and innovation. The absence of such encounters in remote and hybrid work environments may leave Gen Z employees with underdeveloped cross-functional skillsets, hindering their ability to take a strategic view across an organization.

Virtual work settings do not necessarily mean that every young worker is struggling. But the lack of osmosis learning may leave some Gen Z employees with challenges that they may not fully appreciate until later in their careers. So, it is important to update the previous model of face-to-face learning for the new age of work to ensure that young employees have the leadership qualities needed for the future.

As remote and hybrid work arrangements become increasingly popular, it is crucial to recognize the potential challenges faced by early-career workers. Companies must make a concerted effort to ensure that young employees have access to the learning and development opportunities necessary to succeed in the new world of work.


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