Working Remotely Helps Productivity

working remotely helps productivity

Global HR company Deel recently released a new report highlighting how working remotely helps productivity.

After the pandemic, most companies realized how much working from home improves employees’ performance. While there is still debate about returning to the office, the research shows how virtual collaborations still have a positive impact on employees’ performance and well-being. 

Deel surveyed nearly 2,000 UK employees to understand the benefits and issues of working from home for companies and workers. Here are the results showing how remote work helps productivity:  

  • 92% of employees said working from home helps their time management: 34% saved 4-5 hours per week; 19% 6-8 hours; and one-in-twenty 11-15 hours every week.
  • 80% of workers mostly saved time because of the lack of commute;
  • 62% because of food preparation;
  • 52% saved time dressing for work;
  • 37% had more time for sports, 34% for childcare, and 12% for hobbies; 
  • 85% of respondents also saved money, from petrol (83%) to childcare (13%); 
  • 46% said that they could save more money;
  • 82% of respondents agreed that remote work helps well-being.

So, the survey shows once again that remote work helps productivity and well-being. 


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