(VIDEO) Is REMOTE WORK for LOSERS? WeWork CEO says so!

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Commercial real estate company said remote work is for losers. Really? Yes, and Luis tells us all about it. 

So WeWork’s CEO recently declared that employees who engage the slightest are very comfortable working from home. While those distinctly engaged wish to go back to in-office routines. He clearly despises remote work, but why? 

Apparently, not all companies are having a good time during the pandemic. WeWork is probably hurting massively since the adoption of remote work in most firms, and they’re losing a lot of clients. But is this the way to go about it?

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This just in, commercial real estate company says remote work is for losers. Who would have thought? Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Virtual Coffee Chat with Luis, where me, I, Luis, drink my beverage of choice while talking about the latest remote work and use.

                Well, and do we have news today? Oh yes, we do. We have the CEO of, WeWork, has courted controversy after he declared that the least engaged employees are very comfortable working from home. And those who want to go back to the office are in fact upperly engaged. I have a note here. My note under this headline says, “LOL, really?” Yes, the commercial real estate company does not like remote work. I wonder why. Could there be a bias here? Why you think?

                It’s very sad to see a declaration like this because I’ve been warning people even positively, when remote work is discussed positively, I’ve warned people to look at the people behind the news, to look at their bias, how they stand to benefit from remote work. And some people do, some people don’t. But regardless, at least go to the source and check their sources, check how they conducted their studies and think for yourself.

                It’s not very hard to think for yourself on this one. It’s actually laughably sad. This is a company screaming of anguish as a stake has been driven through its heart. WeWork is probably hurting massively from the adoption of remote work because people don’t need their offices. And it sucks for them. I mean, not going to lie, even before this I thought they were a sucky company. I mean, we’ve all seen the internet videos where someone forgets an umbrella on the other side of the door of one of their automated offices. And then the next day, no one can get in. Right? That’s pretty laughable. But I mean, apart from that, I sympathize somewhat. Right? They’re losing a lot of clients, but this is the wrong way to go about it. Right? Just stating patently false things.

                Some people are very comfortable working remotely and they might not be the best employees, yes. But some might. Some might be upperly engaged, and even more so when working remotely, because remote is not about being better or being worse. It’s situational. Some companies with certain cultures, and the employees there in, will work better in an office. Some won’t. Right? It depends on company culture and it depends on the preferences and personality and way working of each employee. So at the end of the day, each company and each employee needs to evaluate for themselves what works. And that still means that at the end of the day, there is going to be a massive amount of the working population that wants to work in an office. And instead of spouting nonsense like this, WeWork should try to be going after Those.

                Those are just my two cents in this episode of Virtual Coffee Chat with Luis. If you enjoy it, please press like, subscribe. And if you’d like to become better at working remotely, we have all the tips, insights, and I guess, guides that you need. And also, cool news about remote work every day on thinkremote.com. Please grace us with your visit and see you tomorrow. Bye-bye.


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