Grow Remote Summit To Bring High-Quality Jobs And Festival Fun To Portlaoise

remote working conference

Ireland’s first national remote working conference will be held in Laois this year. The conference, hosted by social enterprise Grow Remote, aims to create high-quality job opportunities in towns and villages across Laois and beyond. It will bring together remote workers, government leaders, business innovators, and employers to explore the future of work and eliminate long commutes from rural areas to cities.

The Summit is set for June 2023 and will include a remote work conference, an innovation competition with a €10,000 prize, and a festival in Portlaoise town. In the evening, it will turn into an offline festival trail with music, art, culture, and entertainment.

Tracy Keogh, Grow Remote Co-Founder, said Portlaoise was chosen as the venue because of the town’s potential and the warm welcome received from the community. Keogh said the event will showcase what the town has to offer, with experts and leaders in remote work attending to foster connections and generate new ideas.

The Summit is open to everyone, and early bird tickets and more information can be found at Join us to explore the future of work, celebrate Portlaoise, and make new connections!


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