Poor Remote Work Capabilities Drive Turnover, According to Recent Report

Video conference remote team

According to a report by Deluxe, a digital payroll solutions firm, a vast majority of organizations offer flexible work; however, not all of them provide the required equipment to support it. The survey results highlight that over 62% of companies believe they do not have the right tools to manage hybrid teams, and over three-fourths mentioned they need to improve their remote work policies. 

While the pandemic made businesses transform their operations and realize all the benefits of remote work, it´s still challenging for some to make it work, especially for those teams without the right remote work infrastructure.

Why Efficient Remote Work Design Matters

According to the Deluxe report, most organizations offer to some extent, remote work. But over 62% mentioned they do not have the right tools and equipment to support it.

Consequently, without having remote work capabilities, employees may quit. The report revealed that 39% of the organizations surveyed experienced turnover levels from employees who find flexible opportunities in other companies. 

Another key finding from the report is the potential disconnect that exists between what employees offer and what employees recognize as benefits. For 43% of employees surveyed, their company offers a flexible schedule, and 63% of employers said they provide it. 


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