Remote Work And Housing Prices Rise In Maine

A new report from the Department of Labor highlights the continued growth of remote work in Maine.

The report finds that in the last five years, the number of jobs in Maine grew by 4%. Meanwhile, the number of work sites increased by more than 20%.

Consequentially, the increase in the number of remote workers living in Maine is one of the reasons housing prices are going up.

The Maine Department of Labor found jobs and worksites increased at about the same rate before the pandemic. Worksites have gone up at a faster rate since then.

Many people are moving to Maine but working for an employer located elsewhere.

Around 21,000 people moved to Maine from other parts of the country in 2021 alone.

This shift has also been reflected in the housing market as more demand for homes has driven up prices for everyone.

The growth of remote jobs was seen primarily in the business and professional services industry.

It is expected that Remote work will continue to affect the economy in new ways. This includes the rapid rise in demand for housing.