Remote Survey Key Findings: Top 10 Employee Benefits

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The global HR and payroll company, Remote, interviewed 10,000 full-time workers across the U.S and Europe to understand the benefits that employees most value. This helps companies to remain competitive by offering candidates the best benefits and increasing employee satisfaction and retention. 

Years ago, when remote work wasn´t as popular as nowadays, some companies offered it as the main benefit. Now that it has become mainstream, remote work isn´t the only benefit employees want.

10 Most Valued Employee Benefits

According to Remote´s survey, these are the top ten benefits employees are seeking: 

1. Flexible Hours – A flexible schedule is the number one request that remote workers demand. 

2. Sponsored Retirement Plan like Roth RIA or Pension – Secondly, offering retirement planning assistance is another of the benefits employees seek. 

3. Leave early on Fridays – This benefit of allowing employees to leave early on Fridays is not new but is in high demand. According to Gartner, more than half of organizations in North America offer it. 

4. Four-day work week – With more organizations experimenting with the four-day work week, employees are lured to stay or seek companies offering this benefit.  

5. Family Health Insurance – Health insurance is one of the most sought benefits, especially when companies provide it for employees´ families. 

6. Private health insurance – Employees and candidates, besides looking for health insurance, are seeking private health insurance covered by a private firm instead of the government. 

7. Healthcare cost reimbursements – These allow employees to be reimbursed tax-free for their medical expenses up to a fixed yearly amount. 

8. Self-care days – These days, also known as mental health days, gained importance after the pandemic when there was an increase in burnout. Employees now seek companies that support them in every aspect, including mental health. 

9. Miscarriage leave – Miscarraiges lead to traumatic physical and emotional experiences, so more than consider it a benefit, women believe it´s a right. Unfortunately, not every company takes this into account. 

10. Private dental insurance – in the same lines as private health insurance, employees seek private dental insurance to maintain regular dental care. 


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